Centro-matic – Operation Motorcide / 2007

Operation Motorcide EP (2007)
1. All This Fresh Mutiny
2. Atlanta
3. Operation Motorcide
4. A Celebrated Crime
5. Blood On The Floor
6. Daggers Sharp Enough
7. Circuits To Circuses
8. 74 Cuts, 74 Scars

Will Johnsons problem is not a creative drought. He never stops composing. But then he has to decide to which one of his projects each song will go: Centro-Matic, South San Gabriel or his solo albums. He says that thinking about it for a long time can make him consider eliminating a song. After deciding that he is going to shelve one, he gets uptight. He wonders what would have happened with that song he dismissed, if it would have given more strength to his records, or if a hit has been lost on the way. With Fort Recovery his muse visited him and left the tap of inspiration on. Even though the final work ended up being a long record (the European version even includes three extra tracks which are not on the American one), some really significant compositions were rejected. The trickiest problem was dismissing songs. Listen to these eight tracks from those sessions and, if you dont mind me asking, which ones wouldnt you have left out?   Attributes: EXTENDED PLAY

Centro-Matic – Circuits to Circuses .mp3


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