Candy Butchers aka “The Blue Thumb Album” – 1996

Candy Butchers is a studio album by Candy Butchers intended to have been released in 1996 by Blue Thumb Records.

“The Blue Thumb Album”

In 1996, the Candy Butchers belonged to Blue Thumb Records. Promoting the then-upcoming self-titled album Candy Butchers , they released the EP Live at La BonBonniere. However, before Candy Butchers  was actually released, Blue Thumb Records went under. The album was completed, waiting only for its release date, but the rights to the album were subsumed along with the label! The album has yet to be officially released anywhere, although most die-hard fans have obtained copies in one way or another, and have unofficially dubbed it “the Blue Thumb Album.”

Track listing

  1.  “Love’s Long Sleep” – 2:58
  2.  “What I Won’t Give” – 2:36
  3.  “Love Like Her” – 2:42
  4.  “I Will Not Be Afraid” – 2:44
  5.  “Life Magazine” – 3:00
  6.  “Catch Your Breath” – 4:23
  7.  “Bells on a Leper” – 3:10
  8.  “Cupid Complained to Venus” – 3:14
  9.  “Truckstop Sweetheart” – 3:33
  10.  “Dogmatic” – 2:53
  11.  “I’m Not over You” – 3:30
  12.  “Never Going back Again” – 6:06

Love Like Her



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