Andrew Bird – ‘Break It Yourself’ / 2012


As previously reported, Andrew Bird will return with his sixth LP, Break It Yourself, on March 6th via Mom + Pop Music.

Andrew Bird is often grouped with this league of indie-rockers who have started to establish, or have been established, in a more popular realm.

1. Desperation Breeds…
2. Polynation
3. Danse Caribe
4. Give it Away
5. Eyeoneye
6. Lazy Projector
7. Near Death Experience Experience
8. Behind the Barn
9. Lusitania
10. Orpheo Looks Back
11. Sifters
12. Fatal Shore
13. Hole in the Ocean Floor
14. Belles


Really interesting song. Much more straightforward, I think, than his older stuff, with just about no looping or whistling to speak of.



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