Bjork – Volta / 2007

After years of fearlessness, Volta almost seems a step back to virgin ears. Like Squarepusher’sHello Everything, the album first registers as sort of a streamlined, original Greatest Hits. Many songs recall past landmarks without the adrenaline buzz of an artist out on a dangerous limb. It almost seems as if stock has been taken of past developments and been repackaged into a more judicious whole. There are no eargasms along the lines of Hyperballad, Bachelorette, or 5 Years, but the whole thing is agreeable.

01___Earth Intruders
03_____Dull Flame Of Desire
05_______I See Who You Are
06_______Vertebrae by Vertebrae
09___Declare Independence
10__My Juvenile

‘Dull Flame of Desire’


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