An American Werewolf In Paris [Soundtrack] 1997

Finally, some Bush, and other good alt/rock that trashy pop radio will not pick up and play to death. The last couple of tracks leave something to be desired, but it is a very solid soundtrack.

A quick scan of this soundtrack’s sound listing shows an incredible range of musical genres — from hard rock to mellow rock to punk and even a little ska. And while most of these songs can be found on other albums, it’s nice to have such a wide variety in one place, especially given the high quality of the tunes. The album starts off on an excellent mix with a remix of the immensely popular Bush song “Mouth,” a track off their sophomore record. The Better Than Ezra song, “Normal Town,” also came off the band’s second record, and although it didn’t get much attention in its original release, this track fits perfectly in the mix and is one of the brighter spots on the soundtrack. The Suicide Machines add an upbeat and fast touch to the album with their “Break the Glass,” an intense ska song which is a good break in the record. The last great song on the soundtrack is the tenth track, “Turned Blue” by Caroline’s Spine. It’s a variation on the early sound of the band and by far one of their best recordings. The remainder of the album is a scattering of lesser-known artists, and somehow doesn’t fit the flow of the record, especially with the theme song, which wraps up the record. A key, given that it’s all different artists, to making a promising soundtrack is flow. And while its nice that there is a lot of variety in the sound on this album, there isn’t much flow, which in the end takes away from the musical experience.

Track Listing
1. Mouth – Bush (The Stingray Mix)
2. Psychosis – The Refreshments
3. Normal Town – Better Than Ezra (remix)
4. Never Gonna Give You Up – Cake
5. Sick Love – Redd Kross
6. Break the Glass – The Suicide Machines
7. Human Torch – Fastball
8. Soup Kitchen – Eva Trout
9. Hardset Head – Skinny Puppy
10. Turned Blue – Caroline’s Spine
11. Downtime – Fat
12. Adrenaline – Phunk Junkeez
13. If I Could (What I Would Do) – Vanessa Daou
14. Loverbeast in Paris – Smoove Diamonds
15. Theme From an American Werewolf in Paris – Wilbert Hirsch


Bush – Mouth [The Stingray Mix]







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