Gotye – Making Mirrors (Eleven; 2011)

Gotye is actually Wally DeBacker and he’s a Belgian-Australian dude whose been touted as the next Sting. He’s an Austrian pop star with a band called The Basics but Gotye is his ticket to international stardom along with his everyone-is-gonna-have-it album, Making Mirrors.

Spaghetti Western  soundtrack-like overtures lead into Wally’s rangefull voice which tangles with cool bongo jazz smoothness. At the gym, I’m always on to the next song if I don’t hear a catch that focuses my attention but every song by Gotye in Making Mirrors is compelling because you feel his emotion in the voice and the instrumentation.

You must download this album ASAP. In a week you’ll officially be dweeb who fell asleep under a rock if you didn’t.

I also downloaded the Gotye album that was released in ’09. It totally does not disappoint. This guy is going to be huge.



Somebody That I Used To Know

State of the Art


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