One Fine Day – Damn Right / 2006

  1. Damn Right
  2. Burn (A Fire Within)
  3. Not Ready To Go
  4. My Revolution
  5. Get Down
  6. She Bop
  7. Goodbye Reality
  8. This Dying Day
  9. Fading Gray
10. Give It All
11. Game Over
12. Alien


A pop-punk/emo rock band from Hamburg, Germany, One Fine Day (Marten Plumer vocals, Hendrik Burkhard — guitar, Roman Rossback — guitar, Marco Koehrsen — bass, and drummer Erik-Mac Essig) got their start when their demo was promoted and played on the northern German radio station Delta Radio in 2003. From there, the band went on to finish in the final five in that year’s John Lennon Talent Awards, which led them to a record deal with Rockhit Records. The label helped them record and release their 2004 debut, Faster Than the World. The band then went on the road to promote the disc, and had the honor of sharing stages with some of their genre’s best known names, including My Chemical Romance, Simple Plan, Fall Out Boy and the Bloodhound Gang. In 2007, the band released its next album, Damn Right. Featuring guest stars Henning Wehland of H-Blockx and Anne Kalstrup of Pinboys, its two singles, “Damn Right” and “Goodbye Reality” were chart hits. It also featured the band’s own take on the Cyndi Lauper homage to the art of self-love, “She Bop.”

She Bop    



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