Dr. Hook – Sloppy Seconds / 1972

Track Listings

1. Freakin’ at the Freaker’s Ball
2. If I’d Only Come and Gone
3. Carry Me, Carrie
4. The Things I Didn’t Say
5. Get My Rocks Off
6. The Last Morning
7. I Can’t Touch the Sun
8. Queen of the Silver Dollar
9. Turn on the World
10. Stayin’ Song
11. Cover of the Rolling Stone
12. Looking for Pussy [*]

One observation only and it applies generally to Dr. Hook’s early albums but this is the best example. For a large band singing largely about being degenerate, drunk, stoned and all the rest, they are so TIGHT. Nothing’s left to chance. Every note counts, is right on and the timing is perfect.
You’d expect the sort of loose-yet-endearing sloppiness that was commonplace, particularly in the less spectacular album tracks, by the likes of Country Joe, Big Brother & the Holding Co., and the rest. Instead, it all sounds as if it’s been deeply rehearsed by a bunch of very sober and competent musicians.
The REAL mastery here is that that tightness does not make it sound fake. They are capable of sounding authentically degenerate. I don’t know where the truth lies but, whether it’s drunk guys playing sober REALLY well, or sober guys playing drunk REALLY well, it’s still all done REALLY well!

The Cover of the Rolling Stone    mp3


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