Third Eye Foundation – I Poo Poo On Your Juju / 2001


  1. Yann Tiersen – La Dispute (3rd Eye Foundation remix) 6:29
  2. Tarwater – To Describe You (3rd Eye Foundation mix) 5:46
  3. Urchin – Snuffed Candles (3rd Eye Foundation version) 8:57
  4. The Remote Viewer – All of the WCKWC Want to Be Abstract (3ef version) 6:42
  5. Matt Elliott vs. Chris Morris – Push Off My Wire 6:42
  6. Blonde Redhead – Four Damaged Lemons 5:08
  7. Faultline – Mute (3rd Eye Foundation remix) 6:25
  8. Glanta Vs Third Eye Foundation – When I Dance 8:55

First released in US / 2001

Length: 50:06

I Poo Poo on Your Juju — surely a more meaningful or attractive title could have been generated? — assembled hard-to-find Third Eye Foundation remixes, along with one new track. To its credit, it doesn’t sound like an odds-and-ends collection of reworkings, but strong enough to hold up on its own merits. The Third Eye Foundation, the project of Matt Elliott, has sometimes been portrayed as a drum’n’bass act. But actually this would be more aptly characterized as intelligent and eclectic electronica, only sometimes using drum’n’bass elements. It’s a diverse grouping, including a treatment of a work by French composer Yann Tiersen and a remix of a cover of Jonathan Richman‘s “When I Dance.” It’s best when it crafts hauntingly attractive yet somewhat disquieting moods with its blend of misty and wobbly textures, as on the Tiersen piece. The ones employing more common electronic percussive elements are less distinctive, and the range is wide enough that it may be hard to find many listeners who like everything here. Throughout, Elliottis adept at painting upon or adding a wealth of sounds — jungle noises, electronic tones, classical piano, spooky special effects, a female voice, wavering bell rings — into his craft. ~ Richie Unterberger, Rovi

Blonde Redhead – Four Damaged Lemons .mp3


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