Nada Surf – Let Go / 2002

Nada Surf enjoyed a buzz-bin moment in 1996 with the high school satire “Popular,” and while the extremely groovy guitar ripples stuck in your head long after the joke was over, it wasn’t the kind of hit that suggests a long-term career, as Harvey Danger or the Primitive Radio Gods would be happy to explain to you.

So the New York guitar-rock trio hit the indie trail to earn its cred the hard way, and after the Weezer-like introspection of 2000’s startlingly great The Proximity Effect, Nada Surf get it all together on Let Go, the band’s… Read More best by a mile. Let Go is an excellent rainy-afternoon album, full of gentle and melancholic beauty, with echoes of Love and the Beach Boys. In “Blizzard of ’77,” “Blonde on Blonde” and “The Way You Wear Your Head,” Nada Surf show enough smarts and panache to leave most of their Nineties-rock peers eating hot dust. ROB SHEFFIELD

Let Go (2002)
1. Blizzard Of 77
2. The Way You Wear Your Head
3. Fruit Fly
4. Blonde On Blonde
5. Inside Of Love
6. Hi-speed Soul
7. No Quick Fix
8. Killian’s Red
9. La Pour Ca’s
10. Happy Kid
11. Treading Water
12. Paper Boats
13. If You Leave (omd Cover)


Inside of Love .mp3



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