Cracker – Cracker / 1992

Recorded at Hollywood Sound, Hollywood, and Cornerstone Recorders, Chatsworth, California.David Lowry was formerly the lead singer of Camper Van Beethoven.Apart from David Lowery’s tendency to slip in some smug, self-serving lyrics, Cracker’s debut is a terrific rock & roll record, full of energetic three-chord bashers and surprisingly moving ballads.



1. Teen Angst (What The World Needs Now) 4:14
2. Happy Birthday To Me 3:30
3. This Is Cracker Soul 3:39
4. I See The Light 5:13
5. St. Cajetan 5:25
6. Mr. Wrong 4:36
7. Someday 3:22
8. Can I Take My Gun To Heaven 4:01
9. Satisfy You 3:29
10. Another Song About The Rain 5:50
11. Don’t Fuck Me Up (With Peace And Love) 3:12
12. Dr. Bernice

Dr. Bernice .mp3


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