Glen Hansard – Rhythm and Repose / 2012

For Glen Hansard, Rhythm and Repose isn’t just an album title: it’s a philosophy. The Academy Award-winning singer-songwriter says that he’s become strictly principled about striking a balance between work and everything else.

“The reason I called the album Rhythm and Repose is because I believe that when you’re working you should work really hard, and really work, and really focus,” Hansard tells Exclaim! “But when you’re not working, you should turn everything off. And you should just sit.

“You look at kids waiting at the bus stop nowadays, and their heads are in their phones. As a young boy, my imagination was the most important thing. I would sit on a bus and drift off into my thinking and write songs and imagine my life. That imagination was so strong that I have literally invented the path to that life, from back when I was a child.”

While I wish there was more rhythm than repose on this album, it still could have succeeded without any of Hansard’s trademark anthems. Frames classics like “Lay Me Down,” “Star Star” and “What Happens When the Heart Just Stops” show how a ballad can pack just as big of a punch. Here’s hoping the tour lifts his spirits and these songs sung live can exorcise the demons that haunt him.

Rhythm and Repose and its ala carte singles are available at Amazon.

Track List:

01 – You Will Become
02 – Maybe Not Tonight
03 – Talking with the Wolves
04 – High Hope
05 – Bird of Sorrow
06 – The Storm, It’s Coming
07 – Love Don’t Leave Me Waiting
08 – What Are We Gonna Do
09 – Races
10 – Philander
11 – Song of Good Hope


Love Don’t Leave Me Waiting


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