The Sun Parade – Yossis / 2012

The Sun Parade, at its core, is built on the musical partnership between frontmen Chris Jennings & Jefferson Lewis. The two often play as a full band with Jacob Rosazza on bass and Doni McAulay on drums, but sometimes grace stages as an acoustic duo. The Sun Parade has never failed to captivate an audience, whether there are five people or fifty, and whether they come as a full rock outfit or two friends singing their hearts out.


  • 1. Taste
  • 2. Nothing Lasts Forever
  • 3. Sometimes Sunny
  • 4. Need You By My Side
  • 5. Chicago
  • 6. Bottom of the Sea
  • 7. Waiting for Life to Drastically Change
  • 8. Pickin My Pockets
  • 9. During the Fall
  • 10. Run People Run
  • 11. Lies
  • 12. Oh No
  • 13. Hometow


“Need You By My Side”



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