The Nite-Liters / A-NAL-Y-SIS 1973

A1 Serenade For A Jive Turkey 4:52
A2 Anything Goes 2:44
A3 The Happy Hooker (Instr.) 4:19
A4 Craaaashing 2:23
A5 Damn 3:44
B1 Valdez In The Country 2:44
B2 Drumology 7:38
B3 Cowboy 4:46
B4 Excuse Me While I Do My Thing 3:56
B5 Pee-Foul 2:52

I had this album back in the day. I must tell anyone who buys this CD, this album was made after The Nite-liters got together with the singing group “new Birth”. When New birth made the album Birth Day, some of the tunes on this Nite liters album ‘showcased” some of the outstanding musicians who played with the Nite Liters. The drummer and the bass player, were a very tight unit. There is a song that really shows them off called drumlogy, very good. But the main reason why I brought this album is the cover of the late Donny Hathaway’s song, Valdez in the country. This song is really kicking, and i am real glad it’s being released on CD now. People know about their other songs like, K-Jee, Afro Strut, and the other songs on the flip sides of these 45’s, but the Nite Liters had a “following”. When they became New birth, like anything else, after a few albums, things cooled off for them, until they left RCA, and went to Buddah records to record their next big hit “Dream Merchant”. Get this CD, and when I get the ducks, I’m buying one, so I can play Valdez in the country to death! Maybe I’ll get their greatest hits Cd again, with this CD, I’ll have the complete Nite- Liters sound. From LP, which means Little Paul

_The Nite Liters – Damn.mp3


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