Messer Chups – Zombie Shopping / 2008

  1. Darkness Is A Teenager’s Friend

  2. Cat Mobile

  3. Flash Of The Night

  4. When A Knife Thrower Missed The Target

  5. Zombie In Mini Skirt

  6. Girls In Orbit

  7. Dried Human Head From Ecuador

  8. Swamp Cowboy

  9. Model

  10. Swamp Surfing

  11. With An Alligator In Your Hand

  12. Holy Psychedelics

  13. Vincent Price Is Coming To Russia

  14. Hearty Dracula

  15. Boys In Skeleton Costumes

  16. Laughing Gas Attacking Jamaica

  17. Popcorno Revenge

MESSER CHUPS Zombie Shopping lineup:

Oleg Gitarkin – guitar, thereminvox, samples programming

Zombie Girl – bass guitar, handsaw

Denis Kashey – drums

Igor Vdovin – rhythm guitar

Alexey Lazovskii – professional whistling (3)


  « Zombie In A Mini Skirt »



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