Anne-Marie Sanderson – Walking in the Air (from The Snowman) 2005

This CD of the Howard Blake music for the Raymond Briggs classic story “The Snowman” should be in every child’s collection of favorite music. The main theme is hauntingly beautiful and could create a mood for any child’s creative daydreaming. The double bonus of the music alone, or the narrated version that is offered on the CD will whet your appetite for the animated video, which is a veritible feast for the eyes. “The Snowman” and the music by Blake is loved by any who have had the pleasure of knowing it, and this CD will allow many more children (and those who are still young at heart) to discover this treasure.

Anne-Marie Sanderson delivers her folk-tinged acoustic pop directly from the heart.  A singer-songwriter hailing from Cumbria, England, Anne-Marie was steeped in the classical and jazz traditions from an early age, and studied both the clarinet and cello.  However, her discovery of the guitar as a teenager marked a crucial point in her musical development.  It was this instrument that unlocked her own inner sound world, combining influences as diverse geographically as they are stylistically, from Hanne Hukkelberg to Herbie Hancock, Sibelius and Grieg to Simon and Garfunkel.   Perhaps surprisingly, given all the formal music training that she had growing up, Anne-Marie never had any vocal or guitar lessons.  Maybe this is why her sound is so unique. in the Air 


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