Harvey Mandel – The Snake (1972)

He emerged as one of the most innovative guitar players to come out of the psychedelic blues boom of the late 1960’s. Harvey “The Snake” Mandel pioneered electric fusion guitar with a string of jazz influences and an unmatched Blues background honed in the Windy City’s seediest clubs. “The Snake” marks Mandel’s signature stamp on modern music as an player looking decades into the future, incorporating then-unheard of effects and his signature snake-like guitar licks. “Uno Ino” features a rare foray into vocal work, and “Ode To The Owl” pays tribute to the then-recently deceased Alan” Blind Owl” Wilson. The slinky leads on this record will make you want to get up and strut the evening away.


The Snake. Shangrenade (1972)
1. The Divining Rod
2. Pegasus
3. Lynda Love
4. Peruvian Flake
5. The Snake
6. Uno Ino
7. Ode To The Owl
8. Levitation
9. Bite The Electric Eel

The Snake .mp3



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