The Decemberists – Castaways and Cutouts / 2002

This a very cool album. It’s at once familiar-sounding and oddly comforting but also conveys a real sense of melancholy. My teenagers didn’t like it when I played it to them, but I caught them singing along to July, July! the very next day. I couldn’t tell you my favourite track as they all form an essential part of the story. Just download the whole album – you won’t regret it. Castaways & Cutouts would also make a perfect gift on Father’s Day.
Songs / Tracks Listing 1. Leslie Anne Levine (4:12)
2. Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect (4:29)
3. July, July! (2:53)
4. A Cautionary Song (3:08)
5. Odalisque (5:20)
6. Cocoon (6:48)
7. Grace Cathedral Hill (4:28)
8. The Legionnaire’s Lament (4:44)
9. Clementine (4:07)
10. California One/Youth And Beauty Brigade (9:50)

  July, July!


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