Electric Flag – The Trip: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 1967


1 Peter’s Trip 2:32
2 Joint Passing 1:04
3 Psyche Soap 0:52
4 M-23 1:12
5 Synesthesia 1:45
6 A Little Head 1:44
7 Hobbit 1:08
8 Inner Pocket 3:35
9 Fewghh 0:58
10 Green And Gold 2:45
11 The Other Ed Norton 2:51
12 Flash, Bam, Pow 1:26
13 Home Room 0:52
14 Peter Gets Off 2:23
15 Practive Music 1:25
16 Fine Jung Thing 7:25
17 Senior Citizen 2:56
18 Gettin’ Hard 4:02

Peter Fonda/Dennis Hopper movie written by Jack Nicholson & produced by Roger Corman- pretty much a dry run for ‘Easy Rider’ in all ways. Music is instrumental & by a yet unnamed version of the Electric Flag. Mike Bloomfield, Buddy Miles, plus Paul Beaver of Beaver & Krause. For all the R&B influence of the band, the soundtrack is quite varied & loungy. There’s some passably contemporary jazz, and the moog freakouts are great (and were even lifted for reuse in ‘Easy Rider’). The band was hired because they were using Gram Parson’s house as a practice space. Fonda wanted Parsons to make the soundtrack, but Corman nixed it, thinking it was too countrified for an LSD-inspired soundtrack.

https://i1.wp.com/www.qpratools.com/gallery/bouton_play_all.gif   Peter’s Trip




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