Joe Pass – Guitar Interludes / 1969

Featuring :
Joe Pass (guitar), Monty Budwig (bass), Victor Feldman (percussions), Colin Bailey (drums), Jess Ehrlich, Mike Melvoin (piano), Vincent Terri

Joe Pass’ recording career was in a slump in 1969. His string of World Pacific and Pacific Jazz recordings had come to an end, and he was still four years away from being discovered and fully showcased by producer Norman Granz. This odd LP certainly stands out in his discography. The five brief “Interludes,” along with “Joey’s Blues,” feature Pass playingunaccompanied for some of the first times on record, but with the exception of the “Blues,” athe music is quiet and uneventful. The remaining seven selections are quite a contrast, for they feature Pass and a funky rhythm section essentially accompanying seven singers on a variety of very dated pop songs (plus a short rendition of Debussy’s “The Maid with the Flaxen Hair”), most of which were written by Irwin Rosman and quickly forgotten; for his part, Pass sounds quite uncomfortable

Joe Pass – A Time For Us mp3


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