Marah – Angels Of Destruction! 2008

Angels of Destruction! both feels and sounds at times like Marah’s Highway 61 Revisited (the bluesy swagger of “Wild West Love Song”), while at others, it more recalls the loose, druggy groove of the Stones Exile On Main Street(though in Marah’s case, I’d suspect the drug fueling said groove is more likely good old fashioned booze, than anything as sinister as Sister Morphine).

Either way, you certainly could do a lot worse in the way of points of influence. And Angels of Destruction! grooves for its forty seven minutes and eleven songs like nothing so much as one of those greasy juke joints that seem to populate so many of the songs here.

The thing is, as good as 2005’s If You Didn’t Laugh, You’d Cry was (and it was damn good), on this album Marah pull off the seemingly impossible task of sounding like a much fuller band, while at the same time maintaining a much looser sound that comes closer to their live performances. Perhaps it’s the fact that the Bielanko Brothers have added a new keyboard player to the mix (Christine Smith from Jesse Malin’s band). All I can say is that I can’t wait to hear these new songs played live.

If you find yourself tapping your fingers while listening to an album, it’s a good thing. If you’re tapping because the sound of fingers on wood is decidedly more interesting, bad thing. Angels Of Destruction! mp3



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