Blue Oyster Cult – Tyranny And Mutation (1973)

Side 1: (The Black)
The Red & The Black
O.D’d On Life Itself
Hot Rails To Hell
7 Screaming Diz-Busters

Side 2: (The Red)
Baby Ice Dog
Wings Wetted Down
Teen Archer
Mistress of The Salmon
Salt (Quicklime Girl)

Released in 1973 on Columbia Records (AL 32017). Tyranny and Mutation is the second album from Blue Oyster Cult.

This is a great disc — two of BOC’s best albums in the best sound they’ve ever had.

Some of the reviewers below have complained about Columbia’s CDs of these albums. The thing to understand about those discs is that they were mastered back in the mid-80s when the hype about CDs was mostly oriented around the excellent signal-to-noise ratio of digital audio. Because of this, the record companies felt that it was of primary importance that CDs should have no noise (hiss) whatsoever. Consequently, CD mastering engineers would filter out frequencies in which noise was found in a recording. In the case of BOC’s first album (a rather hissy set of tapes, as this new Mobile Fidelity disc shows), this resulted in a very dull, muffled-sounding CD. Columbia’s engineers, to reduce noise, had filtered the treble frequencies so severely that the music sounded as if it were coming through a wall. The Red and the Black MP3


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