Paul Banks – Julian Plenti Lives / 2012

The new release from Interpol singer Paul Banks is an amazing 5 song EP with an album cover that conveys the emotions contained within.

Summertime is Coming sounds like a…uh…anthem for Summertime. I suppose if the perfect summertime anthem features emotional singing, a funeral vibe with an undercurrent of hopefulness, that is. This track sounds the most like Interpol which is not a bad thing. Acoustic guitar before the band kicks in with a mid tempo rock song. This is the most straightforward song on the EP with a haunting and deeply affecting chorus that explodes with Paul Banks singing his heart out. A true post punk summertime anthem for 2012. Stunning. Key lyrics:

Summertime is calling for you child (yeah, yeah)
To give you a sense of reliance to feel at
Home in a crowd (yeah, yeah)
The season the season is calling calling
And all of it breathes into one day

Wish i could have heard about this song before summer..not the end of it..but better late then never. Summertime is Here (MP3)


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