Grimes – Geidi Primes / 2011

Grimes, Geidi Primes, Claire Boucher, whatever. She’s been around for some time and there seems to be a general sense of suspicion as to why the music press are getting giddy over her music all of a sudden. The truth is, ‘Genesis’ is her absolute finest work to date; an incredibly promising indication of her forthcoming ‘Visions’ album. At the heart of the song is a pent-up, energetic pulse but all of this harboured frustration is surrounded by a stunning wealth of evolving textures. Truly beautiful, whilst retaining an odd quality.

Montreal-based Grimes (recording project of Claire Boucher) produces chilled-out, lo-fi tape music– hooks drowned in ambient waves, perfect pop tunes crafted for diehard GvB fanatics. Her debut tape, ‘Geidi Primes,’ places her among other blog-hyped acts such as How to Dress Well, Forest Swords or Pill Wonder. ‘Geidi Primes’ was released physically on Arbutus Records, as well as for free download on her MySpace page.


Venus in Fleurs mp3


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