The Seekers – Georgy Girl [7″ single 45] 1966

The Seekers were (and are) an Australian folk/rock group that remain extremely popular in their home country. From 1965-1967, they placed four songs on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart in the United States.

The group consisted of lead singer Judith Durhan, guitarist Keith Polger, guitarist Bruce Woodley, and stand-up bassist Athol Guy. They should not be confused with the pop group, The New Seekers, which Polger formed during 1970.

Their biggest hit in the United States was the theme song to the film “Georgy Girl,” starring Lynn Redgrave. It was a million seller and reached number two on the charts. It was also a song that received massive radio airplay.

It may have been different from The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, and other hits of the day but it was a welcome relief and remaines a good listening experience almost 50 years later.

“Georgy Girl,” written by Springfield and actor/composer Jim Dale (Barnum) for the film starring Lynn Redgrave, James Mason, and Alan Bates, was their biggest American success, released late in 1966 and reaching number two in early 1967. The group’s British album Come the Day, released late in 1966, was slightly reconfigured with the addition of the hit and released in America as Georgy Girl, probably the best of all their LPs, containing a stunning array of originals by Springfield and Woodley, and superb covers of songs such as Tom Paxton‘s “The Last Thing on My Mind.”

Georgy Girl mp3


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