Buffalo Springfield “Mr. Soul” / 1967 single

Guitar players know why the song riff sounds like a couple of Rolling Stones songs (Satisfaction, Let’s Spend the Night Together), plus other near hits. It’s in E with a movement from B to C# to D, a classic blues boogie line. You can show newbies that trick and within a couple of minutes they sound like a blues man. It’s hard to get good on guitar (just listen to me play!), but it’s easy to get okay which explains why you see so many guitars in people’s houses.

Recorded in 1967 for the second of what would be a brief three-album tenure for Buffalo Springfield, Neil Young‘s “Mr. Soul” builds off the career-defining riff from “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.” But it’s no Rolling Stones rip off.

No, this is too wild for that. At times, “Mr. Soul” is almost out of control, and every bit the predictor of the compellingly complex, sometimes confusing solo career ahead for Young. (He’s continued tinkering with it, too, as “Mr. Soul” has appeared a handful of times elsewhere, notably on Young’s techno-rock curio Trans and on the terrific concert memento Unplugged.)


MR. SOUL mp3



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