Tommy Bolin – Private Eyes – 1976

01. Bustin’ Out For Rosey
02. Sweet Burgundy
03. Post Toastee
04. Shake The Devil
05. Gypsy Soul
06. Someday Will Bring Our Love Home
07. Hello, Again
08. You Told Me That You Loved Me

Tommy Bolin — guitar, piano, vocals
Mark Stein — keyboards, vocals
Norma Jean Bell — sax, perc, vocals
Reggie McBride — bass, vocals
Bobby Berge — drums, percussion
Bobbye Hall — percussion
Carmine Appice — drums on “Someday Will Bring Our Love Home”
Del Newman — string arrangements on “Hello, Again”

Private Eyes was co-produced by Tommy Bolin and Dennis MacKay. MacKay had first met Tommy in October 1975 at Trident Studios in London during work done there to complete Tommy’s Teaser album. At that time MacKay had been instructed to help Tommy play back the 16-track tapes of Teaser basic tracks so he could hear the sound of Trident’s mixing room, and they had developed a connection during playback that led to MacKay working with Tommy in earnest, receiving credit as Producer for “People People” and “Marching Powder” on Teaser.


Post Toastee mp3




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