Sun Ra and the Blues Project – Batman and Robin / 1966

batman robin

Tracklisting :
1. Batman Theme
2. Batman’s Batmorang
3. Batman And Robin Over The Roofs
4. The Penguin Chase
5. Flight Of The Batman
6. Joker Is Wild
7. Robin’s Theme
8. Penguin’s Umbrella
9. Batman And Robin Swing
10. Batmobile Wheels
11. The Riddler’s Retreat
12. The Bat Cave

blues project

It is the Blues Project (possibly without Al Kooper, who says he didn’t make the session, regardless of what the CD and our ears say), with Sun Ra on the Hammond B-3 organ, John Gilmore and Marshall Allen on tenor and alto, respectively, Pat Patrick on bass, and Jimmy Owens and Tom McIntosh on trumpet and trombone. And apart from the first track and the packaging (which probably cost more, for the licensing of the Batman images, than the session did), none of it has anything to do with Batman or comic books. The story is this — sometime in 1966, producer Tom Wilson persuaded (probably with the offer of some quick bucks) Sun Ra and members of his band, and the members of the Blues Project, to lay down 35 minutes of music for a Batman and Robin album credited to “The Sensational Guitars of Dan & Dale.” It was a quickie exploitation effort sponsored by some toy company in New Jersey (where these sessions were cut) intended to sell some dance music for discotheques and parties by cashing in on the craze surrounding the Batman television program.

blues project batman


The Penguin Chase mp3



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