The Seeds – Pushin’ Too Hard / 1966 single


With a mixture of garage-rock and flower power, the Seeds, a Los Angeles band in the mid 60s, created a classic in 1965 with ” You’re Pushing Too Hard.” In 1966 copies read “Pushin’ Too Hard.” What a difference a word makes. “Pushin Too Hard” copies are worth up to $20.00, but copies that read “You’re Pushing Too Hard” are worth up to $400.00 today.

the seeds 1967

Thanks to their sloppy, dirty take on R&B and the Brit Invasion, the Seeds unknowingly embodied the punk rock aesthetic back in 1966. The band barely holds things together with their caveman rhythms and ever-persistent sneer. Sky Saxon and the group were never about chops; they were about a primal, repetitive, anyone-can-do-it style best exemplified by “Pushin’ Too Hard.”


Pushin’ Too Hard mp3



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