Nina Simone – Pastel Blues / 1965

nina simone sinnerman


1. Be My Husband 3:23
2. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out 2:39
3. End of the Line 2:55
4. Trouble in Mind 2:41
5. Tell Me More and More and Then Some 3:08
6. Chilly Winds Don’t Blow 4:01
7. Ain’t No Use 3:01
8. Strange Fruit 3:29
9. Sinnerman 10:19

nina simone article-0-00009DF000000C1D-846_224x490

Five stars, definitely. Recorded in 1964 and 1965 during Nina Simone’s classic New York days, Nina takes on the blues and wins. Opening with ‘Be My Husband’ recently revived by Anthony and the Johnsons, showing Nina wrestling with all the complexities that can appear even in the most mundane human relationships. Followed by a rousing version of Bessie Smith’s ‘Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out’. Another highlight must be ‘Strange Fruit’ , the well known standard about Klu Klux Klan lynching, and made famous by Billie Holiday, and covered magnificently. Goodness knows this track has been treated to some poor covers , so a relief to hear that its harrowing potency was kept well by Nina Simone. ‘Tell Me More and More and Them Some’ ( another Billie Holiday number) is chilling and brooding , with some spectacular vocals and keyboards. The release ends with a rousing version of ‘ Sinnerman’, confrontational edgy Gospel, ten minutes . The CD really is awesome and far too short at just under thirty six minutes ( with nine tracks) , but the amount of emotional energy that Nina just poured into the blues is demonstrated well.

pastel blues 22


Sinnerman mp3





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