Lost Lander – DRRT / 2012

lost lander drrt

Cue Lost Lander, a Portland based alt-rock group with a penchant for straightforward, subtlely hooky song writing. The band’s incorporation of a wide range of instrumentation in their debut DRRT runs alongside a constant variation in structure and provides a pleasant, if not wholly original, perspective. The band shows off a certain flare for alternative fused with indie rock and a bit of blues, but certainly isn’t afraid to try their hands at a great many other styles. Whistles, strings, percussive quirks and string sections meld fluidly to create unique textures that push the band well beyond the realm of “good”.

lost lander 2012

A heady mix of indie chamber folk and Shearwater/early Peter Gabriel-inspired AOR pop, “Your Name Is a Fire” and, to a lesser extent, “Belly of the Bird/Valentina” introduce subtle percussive and creative yet unobtrusive electronic elements into the mix, wrapping Sheehy’s impressionistic words in a light rain of synths and late-night handclaps that makes the songs sound weightier than they actually are. In fact, much of DRRT feels that way at first, but multiple spins do a great deal of good in revealing the many complexities that reside within Sheehy and Knopf’s first outing under the Lost Lander moniker.


https://i1.wp.com/i.cduniverse.ws/images/icon-mp3a.gif “Cold Feet”



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