CAINS & ABELS – My Life Is Easy – 2012

cains and abels

“Run Run Run”
“Stay Home Tonight”
“My Life Is Easy”
“Why Are You Lying To Me?”
“You Know Which One”
“Where Did You Go?”
“Grow Me Home”


Although they’ve been compared to certain lovesick folksingers, Cains & Abels lack any of the helplessness so often present in the classic folk-rock oeuvre. David Sampson writes songs that are indeed heartbroken—for lack of money, love, communication—but they’re also hopeful and aware of their own strength. Sampson has a powerful voice that glides over layered guitar riffs and spare drum beats, much like a sermon or a plea. The songs themselves present that opposition. They can be quiet and introspective, while the next moment booming and bursting with universal themes. Their new album, My Life Is Easy, is out now on Whistler Records, as is a limited edition, Record Store Day 7″



My Life Is Easy mp3

my life is easy



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