Donovan – Sunshine Superman / 1966 LP

sunshine superman61yCjn8SwoL._SL500_SS500_

This record simply gets more distinct as the years pass: a beautifully eccentric and frankly odd setting of impressions and ideas that remain unpredictable and absolutely filled with the sheerness of innocence, light and conviction, gratefully absent of commercialism, malice, posing or calculation. By all means, sit yourself down between the speakers and listen at different times of day, in different frames of mind with attention fixed or wandering. And offer the air around you some measure of appreciation that you lived to hear it.

donovan !B6um9Y!B2k~$(KGrHqJ,!h4EycN-jb-NBMyV7OhGqw~~-1_35

It would be equally easy to contend that, notwithstanding such mighty achievements, Donovan remains one of rock music’s most underrated and misunderstood figures.


sunshine superman 00249307_medium

Season of the Witch mp3



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