Sinkane remixed and released via London`s Phonica records. The original is punchy Indie blue-eyed falsetto wah-wah Afro-not-Afro. Daphni runs the second-hand 808 through a haunted dancehall. Collapses the bass-line to a vacuum. The wah-wah now attempting call and response with a smarter mocking 303, before Dick Hyman unleashes the Minotaur`s bag of tricks. A mad electronic Psyche pressure cooker about to blow its stack. Chandeliers add dramatic operatic retro future hop strings. The vocals lost on a gentle breeze of vibes blown through Antiguan palms. The bass morphed almost to brass. An 80s pop lullaby sung by polite machines to the beat of Badarou bubbles.


Sinkane, the multi-dimensional music project from Ahmad Gallab, has confirmed a European tour and uploaded a new video for ‘sleek disco number’ (The Quietus), ‘Runnin’.

Runnin’ mp3



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