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Aphrodite’s Child – Babylon / 1971 single


Aphrodite’s Child was a Greek progressive rock band formed in 1967, by Vangelis Papathanassiou (keyboards); Demis Roussos (bass guitar and vocals), Loukas Sideras (drums and vocals), and Anargyros “Silver” Koulouris (guitar).

aphrodite's child 1971

Babylon from Aphrodite’s Child’s 666 LP. 666 was recorded during 1970 / 71


Babylon mp3






Alex Ebert : Alexander / 2011


Los Angeles native Alexander Ebert is starting to work his way into the rare and illustrious realm of prolific artists. As the lead singer of Ima Robot, hippie extravaganza Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, and now his first solo record Alexander, he is proving that he his capable of just about anything

alex ebert

The self-titled LP released under the pseudonym Alexander is in the same vein as Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros’ debut, Up From Below. It’s playful, breezy and, to borrow a song off that record, “Janglin.” Ebert’s strength has always been with his rhythmic promiscuity, and this is embodied in “Truth.” Alexander has a beautifully canted delivery in the verses – the clarinet adds some janglin’ spice.


A Million Years mp3


Genesis – From Genesis to Revelation / 1969


From Genesis To Revelation is often regarded as a joke, a throwaway, accidentally stuffed in the religious bins at record stores. I don’t know why because from the beginning, Peter Gabriel’s voice grabs you and the songs are very tuneful, most notably The Silent Sun, which is one of Genesis’ best two or three songs of all time – it’s beyond me why this wasn’t a HUGE hit. You probably will not be used to the sound of this album – many of the songs are acoustical, had a lot of backup strings, and Phil Collins’ drumming was still 4 years away. But you will be hooked after one listen, especially on Where The Sour Turns To Sweet, One Day, A Winter’s Tale, Am I Very Wrong, and One Eyed Hound. Enjoy the beginning of a great musical career.

genesis 1969

I am rebuilding the Genesis collection and this one, which I had many years ago, was missing. So apparently simple and so beautiful.


Vinyl records collectors

Am I Very Wrong mp3


Ra Ra Riot – When I Dream / 2012

ra ra riot

Ra Ra Riot follow up the lead single “Beta Love” for their forthcoming LP of the same name with a similar electro-pop offering titled “When I Dream.” The track’s an atmospheric soulful production with the vocals taking on a slight auto-tune. Listen in to the New York quartet’s latest single below and Beta Love drops January 22.


Now comes “When I Dream,” a decidely downbeat cut off the follow-up to 2010’s The Orchardwhich relies less on dance-pop and more on lead singer Wes Miles’ soulful vocals. “When I dream, it’s not of you,” he reveals with a hint of helium to his voice, letting his lightweight delivery float over an effective combination of precise finger-snaps, numbing bass beat, and weepy strings


When I Dream mp3


Dizzy Gillespie – The Real Thing – 1970

Dizzy Gillespie - The Real Thing


  • N’Bani
  • Matrix
  • Alligator
  • Closer
  • Soul Kiss
  • High on a Cloud
  • Summertime
  • Let Me Outta Here
  • Ding-A-Ling


Dizzy Gillespie’s contributions to jazz were huge. One of the greatest jazz trumpeters of all time (some would say the best), Gillespie was such a complex player that his contemporaries ended up copying Miles Davis and Fats Navarro instead, and it was not until Jon Faddis‘ emergence in the 1970s that Dizzy’s style was successfully recreated.


Matrix mp3

dizzy matrix luis

Songs Of The Young Sinclairs – 2009

young sinclairs 2156304361-1

The Young Sinclairs made their debut on wax with this vinyl-only anthology LP, released in conjunction with Kindercore Records in 2009. It’s a collection of standout fave cuts from all their self-released albums, plus a few exclusive tracks and rarities thrown in for good measure. Most of the material here was recorded in the 2005-2007 period and was originally only available on now out-of-print homebrew CD-R’s and cassettes directly from the band. All songs recorded and mixed in Roanoke, VA in the band’s own studio, The Mystic Fortress. Feel the sounds of 12-string guitars, vaccum tubes, spring reverb, tambourines and sparkling drum kits rumble underneath soaring melodic vocals that float effortlessly and hover atop the music like a heartbroken angel.


The Young Sinclairs are a band from Virginia who sound straight outta 1960…like, seriously. They play summery psychedelic pop, & they play it very, very well. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll take a listen.


Up Against The Wall mp3


the who – my wife / 1971 single

the who 115062298

My Wife” is a song by British rock band The Who, written by bassist John Entwistle. It was originally released in 1971 on Who’s Next, and later as the b-side of the popular single “Baba O’Riley” on November 6, 1971 in the United States by Decca Records.


“My Wife” was the fourth track on “Who’s Next” and was recorded at Olympic Studios sometime in May 1971. While it did appear on Who’s Next it was thought that it was not a part of the Lifehouse project[2] which was confirmed in 2000, when it was not included in Pete Townshend’s Lifehouse Chronicles box set.



My Wife mp3

the who 1971 JSP0034-02-FP

The Builders and the Butchers – 2008



Disc 1
  1. 1 The Night, Pt. 1 (2:11)
  2. 2 Red Hands (3:03)
  3. 3 Spanish Death (6:27)
  4. 4 Black Dresses (3:29)
  5. 5 Bottom of the Lake (5:03)
  6. 6 The Gallows (2:31)
  7. 7 Bringing Home the Rain (6:36)
  8. 8 The Coal Mine Fall (3:43)
  9. 9 Slowed Down Trip to Hell (2:53)
  10. 10 The Night, Pt. 2 (1:52)
  11. 11 Ten Miles Wide (2:48)
  12. 12 Find Me in the Air (4:15)

builder butchers 2234672847_da83ae8c3f_z

The timeless sound of their songs harkens back to a time long passed in music, but reflecting the dark times of the present. Their self-titled debut was released in 2007 and showcases the band’s early raw sound.


Black Dresses mp3


Jimi Hendrix – Angel / 1971 single


Angel came down from heaven yesterday
She stayed with me just long enough to recue he
And she told me a story yesterday,
about the sweet love between the moon and the deep blue sea
And then she spread her wings high over me
She said she’s gonna come back tomorrow

And I said “fly on my sweet angel,
fly on through the sky,
fly on my sweet angel,
tomorrow I’m gonna be by your side”

Sure enough this morning came unto me
Silver wings silhouetted against the child’s sunrise
And my angel sha said unto
“today is the day for you to rise,
take my hand, you’re gonna be my man,
you’re gonna rise”
And she took high over yonder

jimi hendrix 20120823-075806

Angel” (also known as “Sweet Angel“) is a song by Jimi Hendrix, originally released on his 1971 posthumous album The Cry of Love. It was written by Hendrix and recorded at Electric Lady Studios on July 23rd 1970[1][2] with drummer Mitch Mitchell and bassist Billy CoxThe Cry of Love.[3]




TEARS FOR FEARS / Call Me Mellow (2005) CD single

tears for fears CS181487-01A-BIG

Everybody Loves A Happy Ending / Call Me Mellow – CD Single – Promo Only.
[GUT Records PRCDGUT70]

1. Call Me Mellow – Simon Thornton Radio Edit
2. Call Me Mellow – Steve Fitzmaurice Radio Edit
3. Call Me Mellow – Dead Stereo Radio Edit
4. Everybody Loves A Happy Ending – Steve


Fill the sky with love
Fill the sky with love

I wouldn’t mind but she just turned up on the doorstep
Wistfull and ashen, slightly bedraggled
Last time I saw her she was howling at the moon
Roaming the forest, lupine and rabid

Woah, is she wild? Does she see my inner child?

But then she knows it’s like a curse
To find our chosen roles reversed
To unify my universe
To call me mellow

If I was only half my age and she was older
We’d live on ice cream on Coney Island
And though it’s gravity that drags down my balloon
She stays in orbit way after midnight

Woah, slip and slide – does she go all dewey-eyed?

She’ll dress down for us
She’ll break new ground for us
Watching me cracking up
She’ll hang round fellahs
With all the ground swellers
Driving me like a truck

Call Me Mellow mp3