TEARS FOR FEARS / Call Me Mellow (2005) CD single

tears for fears CS181487-01A-BIG

Everybody Loves A Happy Ending / Call Me Mellow – CD Single – Promo Only.
[GUT Records PRCDGUT70]

1. Call Me Mellow – Simon Thornton Radio Edit
2. Call Me Mellow – Steve Fitzmaurice Radio Edit
3. Call Me Mellow – Dead Stereo Radio Edit
4. Everybody Loves A Happy Ending – Steve


Fill the sky with love
Fill the sky with love

I wouldn’t mind but she just turned up on the doorstep
Wistfull and ashen, slightly bedraggled
Last time I saw her she was howling at the moon
Roaming the forest, lupine and rabid

Woah, is she wild? Does she see my inner child?

But then she knows it’s like a curse
To find our chosen roles reversed
To unify my universe
To call me mellow

If I was only half my age and she was older
We’d live on ice cream on Coney Island
And though it’s gravity that drags down my balloon
She stays in orbit way after midnight

Woah, slip and slide – does she go all dewey-eyed?

She’ll dress down for us
She’ll break new ground for us
Watching me cracking up
She’ll hang round fellahs
With all the ground swellers
Driving me like a truck


Call Me Mellow mp3




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