Genesis – From Genesis to Revelation / 1969


From Genesis To Revelation is often regarded as a joke, a throwaway, accidentally stuffed in the religious bins at record stores. I don’t know why because from the beginning, Peter Gabriel’s voice grabs you and the songs are very tuneful, most notably The Silent Sun, which is one of Genesis’ best two or three songs of all time – it’s beyond me why this wasn’t a HUGE hit. You probably will not be used to the sound of this album – many of the songs are acoustical, had a lot of backup strings, and Phil Collins’ drumming was still 4 years away. But you will be hooked after one listen, especially on Where The Sour Turns To Sweet, One Day, A Winter’s Tale, Am I Very Wrong, and One Eyed Hound. Enjoy the beginning of a great musical career.

genesis 1969

I am rebuilding the Genesis collection and this one, which I had many years ago, was missing. So apparently simple and so beautiful.


Vinyl records collectors

Am I Very Wrong mp3



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