BACHMAN-TURNER OVERDRIVE / Hey You / 1975 single

bachman turner overdrive

CHAD ALLAN & The REFLECTIONS formed in  Canda in 1959 became CHAD ALLAN &
The EXPRESSIONS the mid 60s they changed name to the GUESS WHO.
Allan left the band after they had released some singles around 1968.
A 1st LP got release in 1969, with the hit AMERICAN WOMAN they became worlwide known.
Randy Bachman left the band shortley after the hit to record a solo LP and founded the band
BRAVE BELT now again with CHAD ALLAN on vocals, in 1973 (Allan left) they changed name
to BACHMAN-TURNER OVERDRIVE  (BTO) and had their biggest success with the song
YOU AINT SEEN NOTHIN YET  (No 1 in USA) in autumn 1974.
The band split in 1979, but re-united for a first time in 1984 lasting till 1986.


The first album with the modified lineup, 1974’s Not Fragile (a play on the hit album Fragile by Yes), became a massive hit and reached #1 on the Canadian and U.S. album charts. It included the #1 single “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet[10] and AOR favorite “Roll On Down the Highway”. The band continued to steadily produce successful albums through the mid-1970s including Four Wheel Drive and Head On (both 1975). Each of these albums produced a hit single: “Hey You” (from Four Wheel Drive) and “Take It Like A Man” (from Head On).



Hey You mp3

BTO 1975



Hey You
Hey You

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