Great Big Sea – Safe Upon The Shore / 2010


Track List:

1. Long Life (Where Did You Go)
2. Nothing but a Song
3. Yankee Sailor
4. Good People
5. Dear Home Town
6. Over the Hills
7. Hit the Ground and Run
8. Safe Upon the Shore
9. Have a Cuppa Tea
10. Wandering Ways
11. Follow Me Back
12. Road to Ruin
13. Gallows Pole
14. Don’t Wanna Go Home


For the most part, there’s a different sound than what we usually associate with GBS throughout this collection; some of the songs were recorded straight into a laptop computer, and others in an actual studio in New Orleans. The resulting album is definitely a step forward for GBS. “Dear Home Town” is a mid-tempo song about what gets left behind along life’s journey, and “Long Life” also touches on the journey to and from, and back again. As mentioned above, both songs have a decidedly different sound than what we’re used to from the boys. Don’t fret though, the band’s history of reeling and rocking hasn’t been abandoned; “Road To Ruin”, “Hit The Ground And Run” and “Wandering Ways” are all about shotgun weddings, pubs, ladies and the old black rum!


Long Life (Where Did You Go) mp3



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