Kurt Vile – Constant Hitmaker / 2008

kurt vile

The tracks on Constant Hitmaker veer from lo-fi solo bedroom folk with Devendra Banhart-like vocals, to heavy reverbed psych pop numbers, to damn near Classic Rock devotion, coming off as a lo-fi Tom Petty. It’s no wonder the sound and vibe is all over the map as this album is culled from tracks recorded between 2003 and 2007. Some of the tracks are pretty sparse, featuring just a drum machine(sometimes) and Vile’s reverbed picked guitar. Occasionally, though, there are some tracks with multi-layered vocal effects, cryptic keys and oddball synths, which end up giving the album it’s weird psychedelic side.

kurt vile 2008

Philadelphian one-man Americana band Kurt Vile kicks off this excellent record with a lo-fi pop anthem: “Freeway” is a simple enough guitar and drum machine affair, but there’s a raw, energetic romanticism that instantly taps into the tropes of great Americana songwriters, and the fact that this is all strung together in a punky, DIY setting only serves to make the record more effective and heartstring-tugging.

Freeway mp3

kurt vile 2008


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