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Anousheh – The Trouble I Find EP / 2012

anousheh the trouble i find

It’s her most rock oriented output so far, with lyrics about releasing the past and embracing new beginnings.

anousheh 2012

The Grammy-nominated pop songstress is backed by some of the members of David Shultz and The Skyline.


Halos For Hellfire

anousheh 2012



Love – My Little Red Book / 1966 single


Love was an LA based Rock outfit active in the 60’s and 70’s. I have them under the “garage” tag but they’re actually hard to pigeonhole in a specific genre with their diverse sound.

love 1966

Love. One of the first racially integrated groups. Great vocals verging on a Hendrix-like sound. Recommend to anyone still rockin’.

love my little red book

My Little Red Book

love 1966

Los Bravos – Black Is Black / 1966 single


You still catch this one occasionally on the Oldies stations in smaller US markets and it does pop right out .

los_bravos 1966

The first major Europop hit is generally considered Los Bravos’ “ Black Is Black,” a million-seller in 1966. Los Bravos was a Spanish group with a German lead singer and a British producer. Their success was a model for both cross-European collaboration and commercial opportunism.



Black Is Black mp3

los_bravos 1966

Middle Brother / 2011


Half the songs on Middle Brother involve drinking and the rest hangovers of the heart, and on Paul Westerberg’s “Portland,” everyone chimes in on the line “It’s too late to turn back, here we gooooo” — they’re certain of trouble ahead, and relishing it.


Middle Brother is a prediction of great things to come. It’s a promise that a new generation of songwriters is rising up to carry and brilliantly build on the tradition.

Portland mp3


Carl Perkins – Blue Suede Shoes / 1955


The saying goes that “history is written by the victors,” and while usually applied to the history of the world, it can easily be used in as relevant a context within the world of music.  That is to say, in countless situations, the true inventors of a sound or style are left behind the shadow of an artist or band that made the sound commercially successful.  Though many “music revisionists” might try and argue, the fact of the matter is, few artists played a more vital role in the development of rockabilly and rock and roll than Carl Perkins, but he is rarely given the complete credit that he deserves for his contributions.

1955 Carl-Perkins

Mr. Perkins toured as Presley’s opening act and had a second regional hit with ”Gone Gone Gone.” Mr. Cash, who also recorded for Sun, suggested one day that Mr. Perkins write a song about a new item in the teen-age wardrobe: blue suede shoes. Shortly afterward, playing for a dance, Mr. Perkins heard a couple arguing. ”Don’t step on my suedes,” the boy growled at his girlfriend over a scuffed shoe.


Blue Suede Shoes mp3

Carl_Perkins 1955

Lemon Pipers – Green Tambourine / 1967 single

lemon-pipers-green-tambourine 45

The Lemon Pipers were a 1960s psychedelic pop band from Oxford, Ohio, known chiefly for their song “Green Tambourine”, which reached #1 in the United States in 1968. The song has been falsely credited as being the first bubblegum #1 hit and ushering in the bubblegum pop era but it\’s still a classic of the bubblegum genre.

lemon pipers 1967

The album revealed the wide division between the musical tastes of the band and the commercial demands of the band’s label, Buddah Records.[3] Five bubblegum tracks written by Brill Building songwriters Paul Leka and Shelley Pinz[3] shared space on the album with folk-rock (“Ask Me If I Care”), blues-rock (“Straglin’ Behind,” “Fifty Year Void”) and psychedelic tracks (“Through With You,” running over than nine minutes and bearing influences of The Byrds, particularly their John Coltrane-infused song “Eight Miles High“). Leka was the album’s credited producer.

lemon pipers green tambourine

Green Tambourine mp3


Jack White – Blunderbuss / 2012


For all of the music Jack White has put out into the world, Blunderbuss is his first solo album, though it sounds much like his work with The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, or The Dead Weather. Written, recorded, and produced entirely by White, Blunderbuss has all the stomp and sway of his best records, but also the unevenness that plagues him to varying degrees.


And to think, Blunderbuss wasn’t even supposed to be. Jack White recorded these songs on a whim (!), after he had been stood up in the studio by RZA. In those moments when you find yourself missing The White Stripes, listen to Blunderbuss. And then send RZA a gift basket.



I’m Shakin’ mp3



The New Christy Minstrels – Green, Green / 1963 single


Great stereo mixing with this song. For it’s time, that was a pretty neat thing to have. I’ve noticed that these days, song don’t take advantage of stereo nearly as much as they used to.


Green, Green mp3



SoftLightes – Say No! to Being Cool, Say Yes to Being Happy / 2007


Instead of quitting music after Fountenberry and Dunn’s previous group, the Incredible Moses Leroy, bricked commercially, the pair shamelessly founded the SoftLightes to fuse every song that you never want to get caught singing in your car. Say No! to Being Cool, Say Yes to Being Happy is eleven lullabies for insomniacs.


Magnetic and flirtatious, Say No to Being Cool; Say Yes to Being Happy draws in the listener with indie electronica and then mixes in shades of folk, alt-country, indie-pop and low-fi — taunting us like a high school cheerleader on the pep bus.



The Ballad Of Theodore And June mp3


Belle and Sebastian “The Boy with the Arab Strap” 1998


Belle and Sebastian grew out of a class project and became a sensation in the U.K. due to word of mouth. Their third album, which is steeped in a wide array of musical influences, grew their audience even more, and earned them a coveted Brit Award.


This 1998 album (their third) from these Glaswegian tunesmiths is another invigorating slice of poetic pop, containing a collection of songs once again peppered with witty and idiosyncratic lyrics and infectious melodies. For me, whilst Arab Strap does not quite exhibit the level of consistent brilliance of the band’s debut album Tigermilk, it still warrants a five star rating since it contains some of my favourite ever songs by the band.



The Boy With The Arab Strap mp3