King Curtis – Soul Serenade / 1964


1. Tequila
2. Night Train
3. Java
4. Harlem Nocturne
5. Honky Tonk
6. Soul Twist
7. Memphis
8. Watermelon Man
9. Soul Serenade
10. The Swingin’ Shepherd Blues
11. My Last Date
12. Wiggle Wobble

king curtis 1964

Curtis Ousley (February 7, 1934 ? August 13, 1971), who performed under the name King Curtis, was an American tenor, alto, and soprano saxophonist and session musician who played rhythm and blues, Rock and roll, soul, Funk and soul jazz. He was also a musical director and record producer. He is best known for his distinctive sax riffs and solos such as on “Yakety Yak”, which later became the inspiration for Boots Randolph’s “Yakety Sax” and his own “Memphis Soul Stew”.


curtis-king-soulSerenade back

Night Train mp3

king curtis studio


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