Carl Perkins – Blue Suede Shoes / 1955


The saying goes that “history is written by the victors,” and while usually applied to the history of the world, it can easily be used in as relevant a context within the world of music.  That is to say, in countless situations, the true inventors of a sound or style are left behind the shadow of an artist or band that made the sound commercially successful.  Though many “music revisionists” might try and argue, the fact of the matter is, few artists played a more vital role in the development of rockabilly and rock and roll than Carl Perkins, but he is rarely given the complete credit that he deserves for his contributions.

1955 Carl-Perkins

Mr. Perkins toured as Presley’s opening act and had a second regional hit with ”Gone Gone Gone.” Mr. Cash, who also recorded for Sun, suggested one day that Mr. Perkins write a song about a new item in the teen-age wardrobe: blue suede shoes. Shortly afterward, playing for a dance, Mr. Perkins heard a couple arguing. ”Don’t step on my suedes,” the boy growled at his girlfriend over a scuffed shoe.


Blue Suede Shoes mp3

Carl_Perkins 1955


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