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BO DIDDLEY – I’m High Again / 1968 single

Bo diddley i'm high again


Bo Diddley and His Band

It must have been frustrating to Bo Diddley to be making such great music in 1968, yet everyone who knew his music recalled only the seminal tracks he recorded in the mid-1950’s. From the evidence here, he just kept getting better through the 1960’s. What great guitar work, and that drummer playing on the B side is dynamite!

I’m High Again mp3

bo diddley 1968


John Doe – A Year in the Wilderness / 2007


The legendary early-’80s band X was famous for blending the brashness of punk with the unpretentiousness of country and roots-rock. But when the group split up and bassist/songwriter John Doe went solo

john doe 2007

Perhaps the best solo album of his career, John Doe’s A Year in the Wilderness reconciles the punk rocker, the rootsy troubador and the smart social observer with the casual man-of-the-people.


Hotel Ghost mp3



H.P. Lovecraft II (1968)

hp lovecraft II

Featuring two strong singers (who often sang dual leads), hauntingly hazy arrangements, and imaginative songwriting that drew from pop and folk influences, H. P. Lovecraft was one of the better psychedelic groups of the late ’60s.


Their sound incorporated the rollerball instrumentalism and massed harmonies of the Jefferson Airplane (sans Grace on one hand, but in tune on the other), but with the added plus of keyboards. Brilliant keyboards. And top-notch vocals as well–one of their several lead vocalists had opera training, and while all were extremely competent their live sound was just raw enough to make them fun.


It’s about time mp3


Kate Earl – Stronger (2012)

kate earl stronger


01. Stronger (3:14)
02. One Woman Army (3:56)
03. I Don’t Want To Be Alone (3:08)
04. Shadows & Light (4:09)
05. California (3:45)
06. Native Son (4:18)
07. Not The End Of The World (3:38)
08. Loyalty (2:32)
09. Raven (3:37)
10. Wicked Love (3:06)
11. Is There Anyone Out There (3:30)
12. I Get Around (3:36)


The second song on the album is an immediate contender for song of the year. “One Woman Army” channels Stevie Nicks. Even the guitars sound like they could be straight off of a Fleetwood Mac album. But what makes this song just so good is the independence of Earl’s vocals


One Woman Army mp3




Creedence Clearwater Revival ‎– Long As I Can See The Light / 1970 single


Cosmo’s Factory is the fifth studio album by American rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival, released by Fantasy Records in July 1970 and released as Fantasy 8402, the same month as the single release of “Lookin’ out My Back Door” b/w “Long As I Can See the Light”

creedence 1970

“Long As I Can See the Light” plays over the ending credits of the 2009 thriller State of Play and the closing scene of the Las Vegas episode “Always Faithful”.


creedence-clearwater-revival-long-as-i-can-see-the-light cover

Long As I Can See the Light mp3

ccr 1970

Tame Impala (2008) EP


Their self title debut EP is a great showcase of their wares, Beatles style vocal melodies, raunchy guitar tones and primo Psychedelic wig-outs, what more could you want?  The tunes are so catchy yet they also have this powerful riffage like Led Zeppelin or Monotonix.

tameimpala 2008

“Tame Impala” (2008 release; 5 tracks; 21 min.) is in the studio the one-man project of Kevin Parker who indeed plays all instruments himself. What struck me most about this EP is how raw and simpler this recording is compared to the Lonerism album.

tame impala ep     Buy This

Tame Impala – Half Full Glass Of Wine mp3

tame impala 2008

Dan Auerbach “Keep It Hid” / 2009


Removing himself from the visceral attack of the Black Keys, singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach explores the crossroads of early-‘70s rock and swampy ballads with his first solo release.

blackkeys 2009

As the frontman for blues rock duo the Black Keys, Dan Auerbach is known for his raw, powerful rock ‘n’ roll songwriting and guitar playing. But on his first solo effort, Keep It Hid, it’s the simple, tender moments that stand out.


Heartbroken, in Disrepair

dan-auerbach 2009

JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE – Electric Ladyland / 1968 LP

electric ladyland

Electric Ladyland is widely considered The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s crowning achievement and focuses attention on Hendrix’s abilities as singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer.



Play – House Burning Down


The Music Machine – Talk Talk / 1966 single


Led by Sean Bonniwell, they hit the top twenty in 1966 with “Talk Talk,” one of the rawest singles released at that time. It was also prescient of what was to come, with its down-tuned guitars, later appropriated by Black Sabbath and any number of heavy metal bands

The Music Machine 1966

Their debut single and only chart hit, ‘Talk Talk’, was a surly diatribe about alienated youth that barely lasted two minutes but staked out its territory right from the start:



Talk Talk mp3