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RAM JAM Self-Titled / 1977

ram jam cover

“Ram Jam” is an album released by Ram Jam in 1977. The first track on the album, the single “Black Betty”, is Ram Jam’s best known song. It reached the #7 position in the UK singles chart in September 1977. The album reached #34 in the Billboard Pop Albums chart in the US.


Black Betty 3:57

Let It All Out 4:00

Keep Your Hands On The Wheel 3:35

Right On The Money 3:11

All For The Love Of Rock N’ Roll 3:01

404 3:44

High Steppin’ 3:40

Overloaded 2:56

Hey Boogie Woman 3:10

Too Bad On Your Birthday 3:10


ram jam vinyl

Let It All Out mp3



eric burdon the animals – the twain shall meet / 1968

The twain shall meet

Plenty of nice psychedelics here, even though some of the lyrics are lame. I laughed when I heard the very end of side 2 (“Well, you should know by now!”). But despite the…ok songwriting, the songs are great, plus you get to hear a bagpipe solo. It’s not often that you hear bagpipes on a psyche LP.

Animals 1968

01. Monterey – 4:40
02. Just The Thought – 3:51
03. Closer To The Truth – 4:35
04. No Self Pity – 4:55
05. Orange And Red Beams – 3:46
06. Sky Pilot – 7:23
07. We Love You Lil – 6:45
08. All Is One – 7:41


The twain shall meet. vinyl

Sky Pilot mp3

eric burdon animals 1968


Van Morrison – Moondance / 1970

van morrison moondance

Moondance is 3rd solo album by Northern Irish singer – songwriter Van Morrison released on Warner Brothers Records Feb 28 1970 and climbed to #29 on top 100 Billboard trade magazine hits songs.


“Moondance” is being remastered, for release on September 30th.  And the deluxe package will feature 5 discs, and 50 additional cuts!


moondance vinyl

Moondance mp3

van morrison 1970

The Who – Live at Leeds / 1970

the who live at leeds

Considered one of rock’s most iconic “live” albums for the past 40 years

the_who 1970

There are only a handful of genuinely seminal albums, but The Who’s Live At Leeds is undoubtedly one. Recorded in the comparatively intimate environs of the University Refectory, Leeds, in February 1970, the two-hour-plus show was heavily truncated and clocked in at a mere 38 minutes upon it’s release as an album later the same year. Despite this, the album’s six tracks showcased the thermonuclear dynamics that established The Who as the best live rock band in the world.


live at leeds vinyl

Shakin’ All Over mp3


The Olms / 2013 (self-titled)

the olms cd

What keeps The Olms from sounding too retro-minded is its lyrics, which brim with personality and dark humor.


The Olms is a new collaboration between Pete Yorn and J.D. King.


Someone Else’s Girl mp3

the olms 2013

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – Push The Sky Away / 2013


The newest in a mercurial career, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds’ 15th record sounds as if Cave has rinsed the spectacular sleaze and depravity of Grinderman from his haunting baritone and embraced a new quiet.

2013 nick-cave

At the heart of Push the Sky Away is a naturalism and warmth that makes it the most subtly beautiful of all the Bad Seeds albums.


We No Who U R mp3

nick cave 2013

Quicksilver Messenger Service / 1968 debut LP


The first, and some say finest, LP by Quicksilver Messenger Service. Originally released in 1968 on Capitol Records, it represents nothing less than a shining landmark in American rock history, Quicksilver were of course one of the more enigmatic and exotic of the 60’s San Francisco bands and if you mix in the right circles their exploits are legend and their music incomparable.

quicksilver messenger service 1968

Quicksilver Messenger Service‘s debut effort was a little more restrained and folky than some listeners had expected, given their reputation for stretching out in concert.


Light Your Windows mp3

Quicksilver Messenger Service 1967

The Bayonets – Driver / 2012

bayonets driver

released 01 March 2012
The Bayonets are:
Caleb Caudle – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Chad Newsom – Drums, Backing Vocals
Kyle Caudle – Bass, Backing Vocals
Philip Pledger – Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals, Synthesizer Programming
Sam Kossler – Piano, Organ, Keys, Pedal Steel, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals

bayonets 2012

One of the more interesting traditions of country music has been its professional stagecraft. More than just about any other style of modern music, there’s a sense that the performers approach their craft in a workmanlike manner. The same goes in the studio – a feel of slick veneer and presentation.



The Jam – Liza Radley / 1980 B side

the-jam-liza radley

Liza Radley – see the girl with long hair
See her creeping across summer lawns at midnight
And all the people in the town where we live
Say “she’s not quite right”
She don’t fit in with a small town

They just can’t understand why she doesn’t say much
But in her darkend room it’s for their lives only
She cries

Liza Radley – see her jump through loneliness
Liza Radley – take me when you go

And as the people pass by – their heads in the air
Haunting with their noise – she recalls a lonely sigh

But no matter what they say in her mind
She knows their dream of life, they won’t ever find

Liza Radley – I pledge myself to you alone
She’d kiss my face and say “Love means nothing at all”
She’d kiss my face and say “Life means nothing at all”


One of my all-time favourite B-sides, the flip to The Jam’s number one hit “Start”.



Liza Radley mp3





Divine Fits – A Thing Called Divine Fits / 2012

a thing called divine fits

Track Listing

1. My Love Is Real
2. Flaggin a Ride
3. What Gets You Alone
4. Would That Not Be Nice
5. The Salton Sea
6. Baby Get Worse
7. Civilian Stripes
8. For Your Heart
9. Shivers
10. Like Ice Cream


The Divine Fits, a supergroup of sorts — also including garage-rock drum maestro Sam Brown, late of a dozen bands and currently of the still-chugging New Bomb Turks — that sounds more like two of indie rock’s most important and talented frontmen playing near, rather than with, each other. 11. Neopolitans


Would That Not Be Nice mp3

DIVINE FITS perform at Terminal West in Atlanta, GA on October 2