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Jefferson Airplane – Thirty Seconds Over Winterland / 1973

jefferson airplane have you seen the saucers

Jefferson Airplane: Paul Kantner, Jorma Kaukonen (vocals, guitar); Grace Slick, David Freiberg (vocals); Papa John Creach (violin); Jack Casady (bass); John Barbata (drums).Recorded by Wally Heider’s remote unit.This live set was Jefferson Airplane’s last release (until the band reformed in 1989) and was recorded at the group’s final two concerts, which were at Chicago’s Auditorium Theater and San Francisco’s Winterland.


Have You Seen the Saucers (Live)  mp3

jefferson airplane 1973




pink floyde julia dream



Julia Dream is one of my favorite songs off their catalog. Although Syd had already (been) left (behind) it still manages to capture the oneiric lunacy of his lyrics, while the music forms a mellotron haze that floats above a a guitar and various ambient sounds.

pink floyd 1968

MAYFIELD’S MULE – Double Dealing Woman – 1969

mayfields-mule-double dealing woman

The music is basically rock but with hints of prog, blues, rural and even a bit of soul thrown in.


MAYFIELD’S MULE – Double Dealing Woman mp3

mayfield's mule 1969


KISS – Deuce (Alive) 1975

KISS 1975

“Deuce” still rocks harder than 99 percent of the rock I hear being made today and that’s because it’s borne out of equal parts desperation (about to get dropped from their record label) and frustration (from four guys from NYC willing to do anything to “make it”) and it appeals to the rebellious, angry, rock n’ roll spirit in every teenager.


KISS – Deuce (Alive) mp3




Golden Bear – Ten Thousand Orchestras / 2006

golden bear ten thousand orchestras

This is a great album because it combines many aspects to create a very pleasant listening experience. The songs are diverse, well crafted, and wonderful to listen to no matter what mood one is in. Ten Thousand Orchestras is lush and Beatles/Kinks-esque.


Golden Bear – Ten Thousand Orchestras mp3

golden bear 2006

The Careful Ones – Moths, Flames, Etc. / 2011

the careful ones moths flames etc

Great music to chill to. Calm background music but also good to listen to in more depth. Would definately recommend.

the careful ones 2011


The Careful Ones – Slow Dance On Broken Glass mp3


ROBOTANISTS – Plans in Progress / 2011

Robotanists - Plans in Progress

Female-fronted indie at its finest, a soulful voice cast over booming guitar and the downright pretty production quality typical of the genre. The Robotanists are here to fill that void [of bands like Denali] in every respect, and “On/Off The Ledge” is as sincere as it is dancy, adjectives that normally take effort to pair together.


ROBOTANISTS “On/Off The Ledge”mp3

Robotanists - 2011





Mother Earth – Stoned Woman / 1992

mother earth stoned woman


Mother Earth – Stoned Woman mp3

An acid jazz combo from the U.K. that also incorporates elements of traditional jazz, blues-rock, funk, and mod, Mother Earth made their first appearance on the Acid Jazz label in 1992 with Hope You’re Feeling Better. Since then, they’ve released a number of studio records, including 1995’s acclaimed The People Tree and 2001’s Time of the Future. Outside of acid jazz circles, Mother Earth is best known for including Matt Deighton amongst its membership, the guitarist who briefly filled in for Noel Gallagher on an Oasis tour.

mother earth stoned woman back

Reign Ghost – Long Day Journey / 1969

reign ghost long day journey

Toronto based Garage Mod Band REIGN GHOST featuring Lynda Squires. This was their only 45 published in 1969. ” LONG DAY JOURNEY ” b/w, ” PARABLE ” on CDN Paragon 1020.



Reign Ghost-1969