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Johnny Kidd & The Pirates – Please Don’t Touch / 1959

Johnny Kidd & The Pirates - Please Don’t Touch

Johnny Kidd & the Pirates were an English rock and roll group led by singer/songwriter Johnny Kidd. They scored numerous hit songs from the late 1950s to the early 1960s, including ‘Shakin’ All Over’ and ‘Please Don’t Touch’, but their musical influence far outshines their chart performance.

‘Please Don’t Touch’ mp3

johnny kidd and the pirates 1959

City Boy – The Hap-ki-do Kid / 1977


City Boy’s first 4 albums were recently (August 2008) re-released on cd. Don’t miss!


City Boy – The Hap-ki-do Kid mp3

Joplin In Concert (recorded 1968 & 1970, released 1972)

janis joplin all is loneliness in concert

The Big Brother half admittedly does include little-heard cuts that you might find refreshing, like the powerful “Down On Me” and trippy “All Is Loneliness” (both from the group’s rare debut record)


“All Is Loneliness” mp3


World Party / Dumbing Up ~ 2000


Dumbing Up marks the return of Karl Wallinger and World Party, recapturing the magic of previously acclaimed efforts such as Goodbye Jumbo and Bang!


What Does It Mean Now?  mp3

world party 2000

Love – A House Is Not A Motel / 1967

Love a house is not a motel

For those who’ve never heard Love, it’s like a Moody Blues rocker crossed with Cream guitar heroics, but it certainly gives the guitar players a chance to really stretch out on the blazing coda


A House Is Not A Motel mp3

love 1967

Gabor Szabo – The Sorcerer / 1967

gabor szabo mizrab

A truly great live album on the Impulse label. Gabor’s guitar sound is unique and to my mind this album showcases his talent very well.


Gabor Szabo – Mizrab mp3

gabor szabo 1967



Tame Impala – Innerspeaker / 2010

tame impala it's not meant to be

First track It Is Not Meant To Be rides in on a wave of third-eye guitar jangle and magic carpet bass, the band playing with the sort of empathic intelligence that’s made Dungen a wonder of the retro-rocking world.


It Is Not Meant To Be mp3

tame-impala 2010

Yes – Big Generator / 1987

yes final eyes

‘Final Eyes’ is very much in the traditional Yes mould with lots of acoustic guitar, dreamy instrumental passages and an angelic vocal display from Jon Anderson.


Yes – ‘Final Eyes’ mp3

yes 1987