Introducing…The United States Of Existence, 1986

The-United-States-Of-Existence love to the 44th power

From Baltimore, MD, they were in fact a recording project of Paul Rieger and Bob Tiefenwerth. They didn’t peform in public but record this LP in their basement


Love To The 44th Power – mp3




the crazy world of arthur brown

This album was released in 1968 and was a major hit in the UK and US. The first side is a suite of songs that are concerned with the general theme of ‘fire’; they are totally unique and portray Arthur’s incredible voice at its very best.


Fanfare – Fire Poem mp3

arthur brown 1968

The Beatles – She Loves You / 1963


She Loves You was recorded at EMI Abbey Road Studio 2 on July 1, 1963. Mono mixing and editing was performed on July 4.


Beatles – She Loves You mp3








The XX – Teardrops / 2009

The XX teardrops

Teardrops” is a song on Womack & Womack‘s fourth studio album, Conscience (1988). Covered here by The xx in 2009, on a bonus disc with their debut album xx


The XX – Teardrops mp3

The XX Perform At The Apple Store Soho



Frijid Pink “End of the Line” / 1970

frijid-pink-end of the line

The crunchy, pumping rocker “End of the Line,” where Green, Thompson, and company move into Led Zeppelin territory very effectively (you can just imagine them switching gear into “Black Dog” in a jam to this song on-stage), with a killer performance by Rich Stevers on the drums.


Frijid Pink “End of the Line” mp3

Frijid Pink 1970

The Choir – It’s Cold Outside / 1967

The Choir it's cold outside

This classic song was written by original band member Denny Klawson (real name Dann Klawon) originally getting a release on Canadian-American in late ’66. By the time Roulette Records picked up ‘It’s Cold Outside’ for national release Denny Klawson had left the band.


The Choir – It’s Cold Outside mp3

the choir 1967


Johnny Burnette and the Rock’N’Roll Trio / 1956

johnny burnette and the rock 'n roll trio honey hush

Highly recommended. Recorded during two sessions in 1956, just months after Elvis’ debut RCA release, Johnny Burnette’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Trio recordings are electrifying.

johnny-burnette 1956


Honey Hush mp3



Jefferson Airplane – Crown Of Creation / 1968

jefferson airplane crown of creation

Released in the Fall of 1968, Crown of Creation found the ever-evolving Airplane moving towards a heavier, more concise approach on such tunes as “Greasy Heart,” “In Time,” “If You Feel” and the soaring title number.


Crown Of Creation mp3

jefferson airplane 1968



Lady in black – Uriah Heep / 1971

uriah heep lady in black

On their second album, Salisbury. “Lady in Black,” a stylishly arranged tune that builds from a folk-styled acoustic tune into a throbbing rocker full of ghostly harmonies and crunching guitar riffs.


Uriah Heep “Lady in Black” mp3